Equipment for Sale

Rocky Mountain Recycling Services can assist you in acquiring new and used recycling equipment. The in-house Maintenance Team is trained and prepared to provide installation services too.

Balers are a great option for businesses with a large volume of material needing to be recycled. Balers increase efficiency and productivity, and save time and labor by having the equipment installed at your location.

Compactors are another good option for business recycling. Compactors are fully automatic. Load the receiver, press a button, and the compactor packs the material, eliminating wasted space.

We can meet at your facility to work out a specialized solution that is most cost-effective. Rocky Mountain Recycling Services has the expertise to specialize and install the proper recycling equipment to fit the needs of your company. With the capacity to provide equipment, installation and maintenance, and transportation support to pick up the material, this integrated approach removes the stress for you.

If you are looking for a specific piece of equipment or would like to consult on possible solutions, please contact our Sales and Business Development Department at for more information.