Who We Are

Marvin Acey, General Manager

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Marvin grew up in Murray, Utah, a suburb south of Salt Lake City. He learned early to turn his hobbies into income, and his first job was at Mick Riley Golf Course. This job provided not only a wage but also free golf and access to some great people. Marvin enjoys camping, hunting, golf, mountain biking, and spending time outdoors with his family.

After marrying his wife Kim, Marvin took a job as a driver at a small recycling company called Utah Recycling. He figured this would be an excellent job to hold while he finished school. Marvin got to see many different aspects of this business as he worked his way through school and started his family. Through some hard times and long hours, Marvin attained his degree from the University of Phoenix in 1997 in Business Administration while still working for Utah Recycling.

In 1999, Allied waste acquired Utah Recycling; to Marvin, this didn’t seem like a good fit. Some key members of management had plans to start up their own business. Marvin was fortunate to find a way into this group, and they formed Rocky Mountain Recycling in late 1999. This business had its ups and downs, but after nearly 21 years was sold to CellMark, with whom they worked in partnership for many years. Marvin stayed on to be the General Manager of the new Rocky Mountain Recycling Services Company.

Jana Buchi, Sales and Business Development

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Jana Buchi began her career representing Konica and Fuji Film. It required a lot of travel. As she was looking for something closer to home while raising a family, she found the offer to represent a recycling company and thought she would be able to make a difference in the world — and she has — over a 20-year career.

Jana worked for BFI/Allied Waste and after several life events accepted a position with Rocky Mountain Recycling in 2006. Jana enjoys meeting new people and developing business relationships. She sees accounts and customers with a perspective to work together for the benefit of both. She approaches operational relations as partnerships and has developed several major accounts into personal friends.  When there are concerns or questions about the markets or industry, Jana addresses them with integrity and fairness. Jana sees the company acquisition by CellMark, Inc. as a major step forward in providing service to accounts for their success.

Jana loves the outdoors and being with her family, especially seeing her four adorable grandchildren weekly. Hiking, backpacking, climbing and canyoneering are favorite activities. She is currently training a Springer Spaniel named Raymond to hike right along on her adventures.

Thomas Jongert, Plant Manager

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Thomas Jongert grew up learning the recycling business with several siblings, as his father was one of the founding partners of Rocky Mountain Recycling. Thomas worked in several areas of the company during his teenage years. Thomas left the Salt Lake City area to attend college in Chicago and returned to Rocky Mountain Recycling to manage transport and processing operations in the Las Vegas area for one year. Thomas increased his value to the company with a commercial driver’s license and progressed from driver to dispatcher to Transportation Manager. In 2016, Thomas returned to processing and became the Director of Plant Operations. When Rocky Mountain Recycling became Rocky Mountain Recycling Services and operational demands shifted, Thomas became the South Salt Lake City Plant Manager to oversee the vast majority of single-stream processing and shipping.

Thomas enjoys spending time with his family and appreciates the outdoors. Some of his favorite activities include scuba diving and boating. He is also a big fan of salt-water aquariums and is an aficionado of home tanks.

Clark Sasine, Plastics Plant Manager

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Clark Sasine grew up in the recycling industry. He began working in the processing of curbside and commercial materials and spent a year at a facility specializing in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. To broaden his skill set, he worked on the Equipment Maintenance Team. In 2018, he accepted a position and assignment to work and learn the plastics grinding and recycling business at Rocky Mountain Recycling. As current manager of the Plastics Plant, Clark oversees the acquisition and processing of commercial plastics for Rocky Mountain Recycling Services.

Personally, Clark enjoys boating, golfing, and spending time with his wife and two young sons.

Tim Trebesch, Controller

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Tim Trebesch earned an accounting degree from Weber State University and began his professional career monitoring seed, feed, and tractor inventory at Intermountain Farmers Association in Salt Lake City. From accounting at IFA, Tim moved to Mrs. Fields Brands in Park City, Utah tracking cookies, pretzels, and frozen yogurt. Tim’s next stop was at Gardner Village in West Jordan, Utah accounting for retail shops and a restaurant. Tim joined Rocky Mountain Recycling in 2007 and has not looked back. He has enjoyed learning and working in the recycling industry ever since.

Outside of work, Tim spends time with family and has fun playing many sports including ice hockey, golf, and volleyball.

Terry Hughes, Maintenance Manager

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Terry Hughes has many years of experience in and around all things mechanical. His institutional knowledge of balers, compactors, shredders, and recycling equipment is second to none. He has worked in the oil fields of North Dakota and for BFI, Utah Recycling, and Rocky Mountain Recycling for many years. Terry also operated his own equipment maintenance and repair business. He is well-known in the intermountain west and has traveled as far as Hawaii to service recycling equipment. Terry continues to train and supervise a small team of professionals at Rocky Mountain Recycling Services maintaining company equipment and also provides efficient installation, service, and preventative maintenance for commercial customers.

Terry loves animals.  He is a horseman and enjoys the scenic backcountry of the Rocky Mountains.

Justin Tuft, Transportation Manager

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Justin Tuft has been developing his transportation knowledge base for over twenty years.  He originally started at Rocky Mountain Recycling as a commercial driver in 2001. He was the fourth driver hired in the growing business, driving routes with roll-off, palletainers, walking floor trailers, and local and regional flatbed bale pickups. In 2003, Justin moved into a dispatcher role in the office setting, using his personal knowledge of the routes and customers to improve the efficiency of all drivers.

As the transportation department continued to grow in the intermountain area, Justin became the Fleet Manager. For twelve years, he was responsible for managing the equipment necessary to service local clients and bale route customers in eleven western states. Justin became the Transportation Manager in 2015. Justin also had two opportunities to work at other companies during the past twenty years. He took advantage to learn more about specific areas of transportation and then returned to his role managing the transportation department at Rocky Mountain Recycling Services in 2021.

Justin enjoys spending time with his wife and supporting two active children in their activities and camping with his family. He has also been the drummer in a band for twenty-three years.

Jeff Clark, Admin Director

Jeff Clark came to Rocky Mountain Recycling in 2014 after a career with a regional publishing, wholesaling, direct mail online and retailing company. As a graduate of the Marriott School of Management at BYU, he sought to bring his years of management experience to support the growth of Rocky Mountain Recycling. First as a consultant and then as Plant Manager, Director of Plant Operations, and as Director of Compliance and Employee Development, Jeff has consistently worked to provide valuable assistance managing people and processes.

Jeff relates with Rocky Mountain Recycling customers who operate small businesses, too. He has a large family and as a sole proprietor, with his family, operated a parking lot maintenance and marking company for 25 years. He has a favorite quote from his grandfather that has developed his life. It is: “Work is my hobby. Getting things done is my recreation. To know many fine and good people, and call them my friends, is my joy and satisfaction.”