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Many resources have been committed to assist all of us in better understanding what to recycle, how to recycle and why? Rocky Mountain Recycling Services is one more partner in the effort to reclaim and reuse the earth’s resources. Through recycling, many tons of consumer products are collected, sorted and prepared for packaging producers to reuse material that would otherwise continue to fill our local and regional landfills.

There are many community and governmental websites that contain information. Depending upon where you live, information may be included in your city newsletter, or utility statements as well as the online resources. We encourage you to begin in your own city to discover the instructions and educational emphasis local community and sustainability leaders want you to know, and build upon your understanding and practices from there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The questions and answers below come from inquiries received at Rocky Mountain Recycling Services. As you continue to learn what is most helpful in your own local area, perhaps some of these questions may help?

Should I put my recyclable items in a bag to keep them cleaner?

No. The best way to recycle your bottles, cans, plastic, and cardboard is loose. Place them in the curbside bin loose. The material is then loaded in the collection truck loose and comes to the sorting facility loose. Plastic bags cause several problems for the entire industry and end up in the trash and landfill.

What do I do with my plastic bags?

Please collect your plastic shopping bags and other plastic bags and return them to a retail store. Most grocery stores have a collection point to return your bags. If that plastic can remain clean, it is recyclable. The best way to do that is to keep it within the processes of a grocery or other retail store.

Should I remove lids from milk jugs, soda bottles or other containers?

Either way is acceptable.

Do I need to rinse out my recyclables? (Milk jugs, empty plastic containers or cans)

Containers contaminated with excessive material, like peanut butter, are not suitable to reclaim and recycle. Do not waste water, but a little swish of water before a container is placed in your bin is helpful.

Note: Please empty bottles before placing them in recycling bins — especially soda, water, and other bottles. It would surprise you how many drink bottles that are partially full are placed in recycling bins.

What about batteries?

Please do not place batteries of any kind into your household recycling. Although most batteries have a recycling symbol printed, they are only recyclable through a facility designed to process batteries. It is recommended that masking or similar tape be placed over battery terminals and returned to a facility or repository specifically identified for battery recycling.


No, we cannot accept nor process electronics. We have referred inquiries to MeTech at 866-479-4920.

Are pizza boxes recyclable?

Yes and no. Yes if there is little to no grease residue on them. The oil/grease portions are not recyclable. Some people will tear the box in half and place the saturated bottom of the box in the trash and include the cleaner lid in the recycling bin.

Is aluminum foil recyclable?

Aluminum foil is generally quite dirty. Soiled or used foil with food residue is not recyclable.

Are soda tabs worth more money?

No, tabs are graded as aluminum beverage cans and are weighed the same.


Not in your curbside recycling bin, please? There are glass depositories placed around the area or by city offices. Please contact your city office or search online for local glass drop locations convenient to you.

30–50 gallon plastic drums?

Are recyclable, but not in the curbside program. Drums must be clean and have not been contaminated with caustic or hazardous chemicals. If you have a quantify or specific questions, please email

Paint cans?

No. We cannot accept paint cans. Spray paint cans are also not accepted. Check with the local city offices or landfills for specific instructions.

Is Styrofoam recyclable?

Not at Rocky Mountain Recycling Services. Styrofoam needs to be “reduced” in recycling. We refer people to Marko Foam at 801-972-1354.  Styrofoam should not be placed in curbside recycling bins.

Do you accept clothing or fabric for recycling?

No, please do not include clothing or fabric in your curbside recycling bins. Please consider donating to local thrift stores or placing with consignment shops.

Carpet and carpet padding?

Not accepted.

Are garden hoses recyclable?

Many people believe garden hoses are constructed of rubber or plastic components and can be recycled. Because of the many different materials such as nylon filament in the material, garden hoses are NOT recyclable through Rocky Mountain Recycling Services.

Does Rocky Mountain Recycling Services recycle metals?

Yes, we do recycle metals but usually only for businesses. Metal food cans are processed from household customers through their curbside recycling bins. Rocky Mountain Recycling no longer pays cash for small amounts of metals across the scale.

Does Rocky Mountain Recycling Services provide Certificates of Destruction (COD)?

Yes, Certificates of Destruction can be requested and arranged for recycled material through the Sales and Business Development Department.

If you have questions, you may always send an inquiry to