Business Recycling

Whether you have bales of cardboard or scrap paper filling up your trash bins, Rocky Mountain Recycling Services will work with you to find solutions to fit your recycling needs. We provide a wide range of collection and transportation services to help you start and maintain a recycling and cost-savings program.

Bale Route

Rocky Mountain Recycling Services will assist in leasing or buying equipment to bale your cardboard and recyclables at your business. Route drivers from our Transportation Department provide pickup service on a pre-determined regular schedule or call-in basis. Our skilled drivers come to you and load the bales by forklift to make it timely and convenient.


Palletainers are a perfect option for businesses that deal with loose recyclable material. A palletainer is about the same footprint as a pallet, but it is a walled container with wheels to allow your staff to load and stage for our drivers to pick up and exchange empty containers for full. Rocky Mountain Recycling Services provides a limited number of containers to customers as a service for this exchange program. These pickups can also be called for as needed or on a regular exchange schedule.

Roll-Off Dumpsters

Roll-off dumpsters are filled with recyclables at business locations and emptied upon request. There are several size dumpsters available depending upon the type and volume of material.


Cardboard compactors are very user-friendly. Rocky Mountain Recycling Services will help businesses acquire, install, service and maintain this equipment. Business associates place clean cardboard in the compactor and cycle it. When the compactor is at capacity, simply contact the Transport Dispatcher, and the driving team empties the compactor and returns it into service at your location.


This may be an ideal option for businesses that have mixed recyclable materials. Depending upon the material available for recycling, a trailer can be staged at a location for the business to load during the course of operations. The business calls for a replacement trailer and the Transport Team brings an empty trailer to another dock door and removes the full.