Wrap it Up

18th Monday, 2011  |  Blog  |  no comments

Since adding more plastic to the nation’s trash heap is unsustainable, Rocky Mountain Recycling (RMR) put its collective heads together to find a solution. The resulting trademarked Super Sandwich Bale™ process broadened the company’s reach across the US and changed recycling.

“Our target customers are the largest retailers in the country,” said John Sasine, president. “Enthusiasm for the program has been so high that companies asked us to start immediately after a presentation.” Based in Salt Lake City, RMR operates throughout the Western US running recycling programs for municipal, industrial, and commercial customers. It is best known for the Super Sandwich Bale, created several years ago when Wal-Mart was looking to collect and recycle hangers and shrink wrap accumulating in their back rooms.

The Super Sandwich Bale™ is a simple solution no one previously thought of. Once plastic waste is collected and staged to 25 to 30 cubic yards, it is added to a baler used to recycle cardboard in an entirely inedible recipe. First, add a bottom layer of cardboard, then add the filler layer of shrink wrap and hangers, plastic bottles and cans, and office paper and crush it into a two- to three-foot high midsection. Top it off with cardboard and serve to a material recovery facility (MRF).


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