Super Sandwich Bale™

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Let us consider the plastic hanger.

Wal-Mart uses millions of them a year – uses them just once and then has to figure out what to do with them, along with the mountains of plastic film, shrink-wrap, shipping pallets, cardboard boxes, trailer tags and other behind-the-scenes detritus of the American shopping experience. Not too long ago, Wal-Mart employees just threw most of that stuff away.

Rocky Mountain Recycling came up with an idea for Wal-Mart to recycle the filmy plastic wrap off each piece of clothing that comes into the store rather than throw it away. This idea is called the “Super Sandwich Bale™,” a seemingly obvious innovation whose patent paperwork is a foot thick.

For nearly two years now, Wal-Marts everywhere in America have been using the Super Sandwich Bale™ – which means they now recycle more than 25 percent of what once was tossed into the trash compactor. Plastic clothes hangers currently account for a third of this volume.

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